Create responsive Drupal 8 theme using Bootstrap base theme in less than 10 minutes

By xngo on February 23, 2019

Get Bootstrap base theme

  • Download Bootstrap base theme.
  • Extract it and put it in your website's theme folder(e.g. ./themes)

Copy startkit folder

In ./themes/bootstrap/starterkits, there are 3 folders: cdn, less, sass. Each represent different ways you can customize your theme.

  • less has built-in support for LESS processor
  • sass has built-in support for SASS preprocessor
  • cdn doesn't use any preprocessor.

Pick the framework that you like and copy it over to your theme folder. I recommend to copy cdn as it is easier for beginners. And, there is no compiling to do.

Make the copied folder your theme

  • Rename ./themes/cdn to ./themes/mytheme
  • In mytheme folder, rename the following files:
    • THEMENAME.libraries.yml to mytheme.libraries.yml
    • THEMENAME.starterkit.yml to Note: starterkit is changed to info.
    • THEMENAME.theme to mytheme.theme
    • config/install/THEMENAME.settings.yml to config/install/mytheme.settings.yml
    • config/schema/THEMENAME.schema.yml to config/schema/mytheme.schema.yml

Update your theme informations

Open and change THEMETITLE and THEMENAME. Here is an example.

core: 8.x
type: theme
base theme: bootstrap

name: 'My Theme'
description: 'Uses the jsDelivr CDN for all CSS and JavaScript.'
package: 'Bootstrap'

  navigation: 'Navigation'
  navigation_collapsible: 'Navigation (Collapsible)'
  header: 'Top Bar'
  highlighted: 'Highlighted'
  help: 'Help'
  content: 'Content'
  sidebar_first: 'Primary'
  sidebar_second: 'Secondary'
  footer: 'Footer'
  page_top: 'Page top'
  page_bottom: 'Page bottom'

  - 'mytheme/global-styling'

Install your theme

Go to Appeareance and install your theme. Note: If you encounter any errors when activating your theme, remember to clear your cache at Configuration->Performance.


Congratulation! You have made your own theme using Bootstrap base theme. Now have fun to further customize your theme with the settings.

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