Python - Selenium tutorials

By xngo on June 17, 2019

Selenium is a tool that take control over the browsers. It is able to replicate any action typically undertaken by a user, such as clicking, typing and retrieving data from web pages. Below are tutorials showing how to use Selenium in Python.

  1. Selenium Hello World with Python: Setup and run Selenium for the first time.
  2. Python - Selenium - Click on link
  3. Selenium locators: Explain what are the different locators used by Selenium.
  4. Python - Selenium - Check radio buttons and checkboxes
  5. Python - Selenium - Select single and multiple options
  6. Python - Selenium - Wait for element to appear
  7. Python - Selenium - Drag and drop
  8. Python - Selenium - Take screenshot of webpage
  9. Python - Selenium - Switch to iframe
  10. Python - Selenium - Autocomplete
  11. Python - Selenium - Debugging



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