wget - Cheatsheet

By xngo on July 11, 2019

# Save as output_filename.html. Or overwrite.
    wget http://www.google.com -O output_filename.html
# Check for internet connection.
    if wget -q --spider "http://google.com"; then
        echo "Success, got internet connection!"
        echo "Error: No internet connection!"
# Redirect output to standard output.
    if wget -q "${url}" -O-| grep -qF 'File Not Found'; then
        echo "NO: ${url}"
        echo "YES: ${url}"
# Wget exit code.
    0: No problems occurred.
    1: Generic error code.
    2: Parse error—for instance, when parsing command-line options, the ‘.wgetrc’ or ‘.netrc’...
    3: File I/O error.
    4: Network failure.
    5: SSL verification failure.
    6: Username/password authentication failure.
    7: Protocol errors.
    8: Server issued an error response.

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