VirtualBox - VHD UUID already exists errors

By xngo on September 18, 2019


If you are creating virtual hard drives from VirtualBox, you will probably run into the following error.

Failed to create the hard disk storage C:\xuan\vbox\vm\Debian\debian\debian.vhd.

Cannot register the hard disk 'C:\xuan\vbox\vm\Debian\debian\debian.vhd' {01c18f8b-52e0-463a-8b4c-f756f3325cbe} because a hard disk 'C:\xuan\vbox\vm\Debian\debian\debian.vhd' with UUID {8ccc5b02-3751-4168-af99-207aeddf7bc0} already exists.

VirtualBox - VHD existing UUID error

The most common cause of this problem is that you detach your VHDs from your virtual machine without removing it from the central registry, Virtual Media Manager. Then, you proceed to create a new VHD with same name. Therefore, VirtualBox will complain that the same UUID already exist in Virtual Media Manager.


Navigate to File > Virtual Media Manager and then remove the existing VHD. Then, you can now add a new VHD with the same name.

VirtualBox - Virtual Media Manager path

VirtualBox - Virtual Media Manager dialog

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