TestNG - Test an exception

By xngo on June 23, 2019

Test for exception in TestNG is easy. It is a manner of defining the correct annotation attributes. In the code below, a RuntimeException class is thrown with the message blabla. In the @Test annotation, you list all the exception class and the expected exception message. In this case, it is

@Test( expectedExceptions = { RuntimeException.class }, expectedExceptionsMessageRegExp = "blabla" )

Here is the complete code.

import org.testng.annotations.Test;
public class TestException {
    @Test(description = "Test catching exception", 
            expectedExceptions = { RuntimeException.class }, 
                expectedExceptionsMessageRegExp = "blabla")
    public void testException() {
        try {
            throw new RuntimeException("blabla");
        finally {// Don't catch(){}. Otherwise TestNG will not catch it. Just do finally{}.
            // Clean up code here.


TestNG Exception output


  • https://github.com/xuanngo2001/java-testng/blob/master/src/net/openwritings/testng/TestException.java

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