MS SQL - Command line cheatsheet

By xngo on October 7, 2019

Execute SQL statements

sqlcmd -S MyServer\Name -d myDB -E -Q "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SYSOBJECTS"
-- sqlcmd -S localhost -d master -E -e -Q "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SYSOBJECTS"
-- sqlcmd -S . -d master -E -e -Q "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SYSOBJECTS"
sqlcmd -S MyServer\Name -d myDB -E 
    -i "C:\Some Folder\file.sql" -i \\<Server>\<Share$>\file2.sql 
  • -E: Uses a trusted connection(i.e Windows Authentication) instead of using a user name and password to sign in to SQL Server.
  • -Q: Executes the query string when sqlcmd starts and then immediately exits sqlcmd. Multiple-semicolon-delimited queries can be executed.

Export to CSV

sqlcmd -S MyServer\Name -d myDB -E -Q "SELECT col1, col2, col3 FROM tableName" 
       -h-1 -s"," -W -o "MyData.csv" 
  • -h-1: Remove column name headers from the results.
  • -s",": Set column separator to use comma.
  • -W: Remove trailing spaces from each individual field.

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