MS Excel - Limit x-axis boundary in Chart

By xngo on March 19, 2020

Charts generated by MS Excel are not always ideal. Especially, it generates the useless space at the end of the x-axis.

MS Excel - Chart - x-axis out of bound

Here are the steps to set the maximum bound on the x-axis.

  1. Select your chart.
  2. Change the format axis to use Horizontal (Value) Axis.
    MS Excel - Chart - Format Axis - Horizontal (Value) Axis
  3. Select Axis Options.
  4. Set the Maximum bound.
    MS Excel - Chart - Axis Options - Bounds Maximum
  5. Here is the result.
    MS Excel - Chart - Limit Maximum Bounds - Result

For y-axis, repeat the same steps but select Vertical (Value) Axis instead of Horizontal (Value) Axis.

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