Linux - Create swap file

By xngo on May 3, 2020

On a low memory system such as a VPS with less than 512MB of RAM, it is always good to create a swap file.

# Allocate 1GB of disk space for swap file.
    fallocate -l 1G /tmp/swapfile
# Set permission.
    chmod 600 /tmp/swapfile
# Make it a swap file.
    mkswap /tmp/swapfile
# Turn swap file on.
    swapon /tmp/swapfile
#  Show memory and swap used.
    free -h
# Show swap file / partition.
    swapon --show
# Remove swap.
    swapoff -v /tmp/swapfile
    rm /tmp/swapfile

If you run swapon /tmp/swapfile and get the error message: "swapon: /tmp/swapfile: swapon failed: Invalid argument". Ensure that /tmp/swapfile is not on the memory filesystem. Change swapfile path to a normal filesystem partition.

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