Java - JEP 325 - new Switch Expressions

By xngo on June 15, 2019

In Java 12, the switch statement will be extended to allow expression to control the behaviour and the flow of the switch statement. As a result, it will simplify your coding.

Let's have an example to illustrate the new switch expressions. Here is an example of the old way to write the switch statement:

switch (day) {
    case MON:
    case TUE:
    case WED:
    case THU:
    case FRI:
    case SAT:
    case SUN:

The above switch can be rewritten using switch expression as follow:

switch (day) {
    case MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI    -> System.out.println("Weekday");
    case SAT, SUN                   -> System.out.println("Weekend");

As you can see, the new code is shorter, simplier and easy to read. Learn more about switch expression here.



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