TWS - Charts are not updated with delayed data

By xngo on April 15, 2019

If you are not subscribed to Interactive Brokers Market Data, then your charts will show delayed prices and they will NOT update by themselves. You have to manually shift the time period to the right side to refresh your charts. This is annoying. It also means that you can't paper trade effectively with Interactive Brokers.

IB statement:

"IB archives our own historical data. Because of this, we offer the data for free with the corresponding L1 market data subscription, but we do impose some limitations. The way the data is tagged and archived, we would not be able to provide any automatic charting with delayed data. This a decision that has been made by higher management and this limitation applies to all IB Accounts using delayed data."

However, if you opened charts for forex(e.g. EUR.USD), then they are updated constantly.

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