Webmaster tools - Verify domain name with DNS TXT record

By xngo on May 3, 2020

I was trying to verify my domain name using Google Webmaster tools(a.k.a Google Search Console). When adding my domain name as the new property, it asked me to go to GoDaddy and create a DNS TXT record with the string they provided. My problem is that I no longer use GoDaddy's nameservers. Therefore, I can't add a DNS TXT record. I already switched a couple of days ago to use Google Cloud DNS nameservers. So, I ended up loging in to the Google Cloud Platform and add the DNS TXT record, e.g. google-site-verification=a3fV1TuTZJ5WJ0..., as follows.

GCP - Network services - Cloud DNS - TXT record

My overall situation is that I bought my domain name from GoDaddy but I'm using Google Cloud virtual machine instance.

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