Connect to Github using SSH keys

By xngo on May 18, 2020

Everytime that I use Git to access my repositories, it asks for my username and password. I do a lot pushes, pulls and commits. This has become really annoying. The best way that I found to avoid entering my username and password is to connect to Gitlab using a SSH key. Here are the steps that I did.

Create SSH key

To create SSH key, run the following command.

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "" -b 4096

Follow the instructions and enter a passphrase. After you are done, your public key is saved in ~/.ssh/ Open that file and copy its content. You will need to paste it in Gitlab.

SSH key-gen example

Add SSH key in Gitlab

  1. From, navigate to your profile Settings > SSH keys.
    Gitlab - Add SSH key
  2. Add the SSH key by pasting the content of ~/.ssh/ file.

Tell Git which private key to use

If ~/.ssh/config doesn't exist, then create it. Then, add the followings:

 IdentityFile ~/.ssh/
 User git


Try git clone or git pull origin master.

git clone
git pull origin master

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