Making money while building your own website

By xngo on February 19, 2019


When building your own website, why not write down what you have done. Treat it like a journal. Tell people what are your experiences and frustrations while doing it. How you have overcome your hurtles. Other people might find it interesting and helpful. At the same time, it serves as a logging entries of what you have done to your website.

If it is generating enough traffic, then you might make money through Ads. Who knows?

Install AdSense module

  1. Install it from
  2. Enable it.
  3. Go to admin/config/services/adsense, enter your google_ad_client in the Site Google AdSense Publisher ID field(e.g. pub-078784XXXXXXXXXX). Note: It starts with pub-.
  4. Go to admin/structure/block, locate the block section that you want to put the ad. Click on Place Block to select the Adsense block that you want, e.g. Managed Ad.

AdSense approval waiting time

Don't be too excited by Google AdSense's message that websites are usually approved less than a day. Unless, your website is already well-known. A lot of people report that it takes weeks or months. So, keep writting high quality contents and promote your website. To improve your chances of getting approved quickly, check their program policies.

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