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By xngo on June 13, 2019

Submit your content to search engines

Regardless of whether you have the best contents or not, if people can't find them, then they are useless. Install XML sitemap module. It will make it easier for search engines to crawl your website and keep their results up to date. The sitemap created by this module can be automatically submitted to Ask, Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines.

Search engine optimization(SEO)

Now that your contents can be found, make sure that search engines know how to read and rank your contents.

  • Pathauto will automatically convert URL path to human readable path. Instead of showing something like /node/123, it will show something like /article/my-favorite-fruits. This will increase the likelihood for someone to click on your link from the search results. The more your links get clicks, the better they are ranked.
  • Using Redirect in conjunction with Pathauto will ensure that if your URL path changes, it will still redirect to the correct path. It will prevent visitors from receiving page not found error(404 Error).

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a market leading analytics solutions that provides enterprise-class web analytics capabilities including content analytics, in-page analytics, site search reporting, site speed analysis, event tracking, content experiments, mobile analytics, and social analytics. These capabilities make Google Analytics an excellent tool for monitoring search engine optimization results.

Drupal provides a module under the same name, Google Analytics. With the analytic data collected, you will be able to know which contents are the most popular, how long users stay on each page, which contents got the most clicks, etc. Armed with these informations, you will be able to improve your contents and focus more on contents that are in demands.

Google Keyword Planner

There is no module for Google Keyword Planner. But, this is a very useful tool to find out which keywords are searched the most. When you create your content, plug the most searched keywords in your contents to increase the chance of being found.

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