Drupal - Install W3CSS theme using drush

By xngo on December 30, 2020

Here is the proper way to install W3CSS theme using drush.

# Download W3CSS theme. 
#   It contains drupal8_w3css_theme and drupal8_w3css_subtheme.
drush -y dl d8w3css;
# Enable drupal8_w3css_theme.
drush -y en drupal8_w3css_theme;
# Set drupal8_w3css_theme as default.
drush -y config-set system.theme default drupal8_w3css_theme;


  • Text and link color are the same. Therefore, can't differentiate between them. Need to change it in *Settings** under ADVANCED SITE COLORS section.
  • No styling for Markdown table.


  • Smooth transition to new page. That is very nice. I love it.

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