Drupal checklist before production

By xngo on February 26, 2019


Search Form

  1. Go to admin/structure/block/manage/search/form/configure, set which Content types are visible and which Roles are allow to view the search block.
  2. Go to admin/people/permissions#module-search, set who has permission to use the search form.


  1. Go to admin/structure/views, open your views.
  2. Set the proper permission under Page settings->Access.
  3. For all the exposed filters, it is recommended to rename the Filter identifier under the More section of the field.
  • Go to Administer->Site Configuration->Error reporting, change Error reporting to Write errors to the log only.
  • Customize 403/404 message at Administer->Site Configuration->Error reporting.
  • For exposed filters, uncheck the Optional. Otherwise, < Any > option is available for users to select, which will not limit the filtering.
  • Did you set correctly the access permission of each view?

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