Drupa 7 - Views with taxonomy term count

By xngo on June 23, 2019

In order to create a view with taxonomy terms count, do the following:

  1. Go to admin/structure/views and create a taxonomy term view(i.e. Show=Taxonomy terms).
  2. (Optional) Under Filter criteria section, set the Taxonomy term: Vocabulary that you would like to use. Otherwise, it will hammer your database and return all terms.
  3. Go to Advanced->Relationships and add your vocabulary(i.e. Taxonomy term: Content using < YOUR VOCABULARY >)
  4. Under Fields section, add Content: Nid(The node ID).
  5. Go to Advanced->Use aggregation and set aggregation to Yes.
  6. Under Fields section, click on the Aggregation settings link of the Content: Nid(The node ID) and set the aggregation type to Count.
  7. Under Fields section, for the Content: Nid(The node ID) field, empty the label , add ( to Prefix and ) to Suffix.
  8. Go to Format->Show->Settings and check both as Inline fields.


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