Create 'About Us' page in Drupal

By xngo on February 22, 2019


About Us page is an important page if want to add ads and monetize your website. It tells what kind of ads is suitable to be shown on your website.

Create About page

  1. As an Adminstrator, got to Content.
  2. Create a Basic page and make sure to enter the URL alias, e.g. /about_us so that it looks nice.
  3. Go to Structure and click on Menu.
  4. Locate the Footer and click on Edit Menu.
  5. Click on Add link.
  6. Enter 'About' in Menu link title.
  7. Enter '/about_us' in the Link.
  8. Enter a Weight if you want to order the position of your link.
  9. Save.
  10. Look at the your footer, it should show your About Us link.

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