Ant build using TestNG-XSLT

By xngo on July 12, 2019

  Example for TestNG-XSLT
    Run this target only after TestNG had generated the xml resutl file
        (i.e. testng_output/testng-results.xml).
    Change TestNG-XSLT stylesheet path accordingly
        (i.e. lib/testng-xslt-0.6.2/src/main/resources/testng-results.xsl).
<target name="testng_nice_report">
  <mkdir dir="testng_nice_report"/>
  <xslt in="testng_output/testng-results.xml" 
    <param name="testNgXslt.outputDir" expression="${basedir}/testng_nice_report"/>
    <param name="testNgXslt.showRuntimeTotals" expression="true"/>
    <classpath refid="MyClasspath"/>

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