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Force Chrome to download pdf


  1. Open URL chrome://plugins/.
  2. Disable Chrome PDF Viewer.
  3. Open your link to the PDF file.

Why? * To get the original PDF file. Print to PDF doesn't preserve the integrity of the original file(e.g. links).

Sour vs sweet crude


TO CONFIRM: US doesn't normally buy that much Nigerian oil because its sweet crude; Our refineries are best used refining sour crude. Instead we will use sweet to dilute really sour crude to get it in that perfect range for our refineries. Europe, Latin America, normally use more sweet because their refineries do not have the technology to process sour.

Install ceramic


  • Big tile needs concrete with glue(plymere).
  • Different tile size requires different trudelle(dent) size.
  • To avoid uneven straight line, do only 1 direction and don't mix direction. E.g. If doing left to right, then do it all the way till the end.

ice cream



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