Get video property value from MPV


# You can get the property value of video file from MPV using --term-playing-msg option.
# Example: Get filename, video width, video height

Extract audio from video file


# Extract audio from video file.
mpv videofile.avi -o audiofile.mp3 --no-video
# Extract audio from video file at a specific time.

Diplay text on console


mpv --term-playing-msg=WHATEVER_TERM=foo.txt <filename>

MPV scripting: Print hello world


-- Description: Print "Hello World" when press 'g'.
--    This script should be put in ~/.mpv/lua/ directory.
require 'os'
require 'io'
require 'string'

Locate and play video

# MPlayer's keyboard control will NOT work

MPV player cheatsheet

# Keys:
#  f=fullscreen
#  v=subtitle
#  o=on-screen display
#  #=switch audio stream
#  RIGHT seek  10
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