Tag(s) Title File(s)
linux, mplayer, mpv Locate and play video
linuxmint, LMDE 201403, xbmc, kodi Change user data folder location of xbmc
java, log4j log4j configuration
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Applications
ant Unable to locate tools.jar
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Install Java's JDK
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Disable screen lock/screensavers
java, eclipse, code coverage EclEmma: Java Code Coverage for Eclipse
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Auto login
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Install package offline
java ConcurrentModificationException: Not allow to add an entry in the collection while iterating through it
java Executing external application from Java
sap, transaction Transaction codes
sap, mm Material XX not maintained in plant XX
java Install FindBugs
sap, mm Material XX not maintained by accounting department
sap, mm Material XX not maintained by Purchasing
outlook, outlook 2013 Change theme
outlook, outlook 2013 Remove first line of email
flywaydb How to use Flywaydb programmatically: Breakdown step-by-step migrations
sqlite sqlite cheat sheet
handbrake Handbrake YIFI settings
mpv, media player MPV player cheatsheet
java, testng Don't run test methods in parallel of this class
git, gitignore gitignore cheatsheet
java Simulate processing wheel in console with characters.
economy Statistics Canada - Consumer Price Index (CPI)
java 'Finally' code block will be called after exception is thrown or a 'return' statement
sql, sqlite Remove duplicate rows
dos Split long command over multiple lines
grep grep tab
linux, cp By pass cp's overwrite question for every file
java, VisualVM Profile your application with VisualMV
java Get the differences between 2 strings
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Add codecs for MPlayer
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Disable login sound
java, sqlite SQLITE connection in java
java, xxhash Basic XXHash example in java
java, xxhash Hash file using XXHash in java
java Get class name
pc-bsd, sound card Install OSS driver for Asus Xonar DGX PCi-E X1 in PC-BSD
cshrc C shell customization
naming convention Naming convention: Find() versus Get()
pc-bsd, ntfs Mount ntfs filesystem
computer Asus Xonar DGX PCi-E X1 not detected by X9SCM-F
sqlite Specify column output witdh
java, resultset Headache with ResultSet closed exception
software Useful softwares
usb, operating systems Use USB stick to install operating systems
software TestDisk: Data recovery