Tag(s) Title File(s)
java Use of generic type
unit test, testng, hamcrest Using hamcrest in TestNG
dos Open command prompt and execute some commands
java, jcommander JCommander basic
oil, export, Iraq Iraq pumped 4 million barrels per day (bpd) of oil in December, 2015
oil, Iran Iran can withstand 25$ oil
oil, 2015 At $40 levels, only less than 2 percent of global crude production was expected to be at risk
oil, Iran, 2015 Iran's budget should be based on oil at $72 per barrel
egg Egg cooking time Image icon egg.cooking.time_.jpg
cold, frostbite Frostbite risk exposure time Image icon Frostbite risk exposure time.jpg
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Disable Low Disk Space Warning
Andy Lau, music Andy Lau's discography Package icon AndyLau_discography.zip
english May vs Might PDF icon may_might.pdf
condo Condo questions
oil Oil short covering pattern Image icon Wed_Before_Fri_ExpiryDay.png
Image icon Thur_Before_Fri_ExpiryDay.png
Debian, linuxmint Load OS in RAM
oil Oil production cost Image icon oil-cost-production.png
Image icon Costs for Producing Crude Oil and Natural Gas, 2007–2009.png
java Why File.createTempFile() does physically create an empty file on the hard drive?
xdotool Minimize current active window
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Reduce resources usage in LinuxMint
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 CPU, RAM usage
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Disable hot corner overview on the top right
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Disable moving between workspaces on screen edge
oil Oil exporters revenue vs their GDP
cronjob Cron job
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Start application on login
linuxmint, LMDE 201403, terminal Set terminal position and size
scite, notepad++ Remove empty line
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Change time zone
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Failed to start the X server (your graphical interface)
linux, bash Make your script executable everywhere
mpv, lua MPV lua script tutorial
dos Clean song filename
linux, mplayer, mpv Locate and play video
linuxmint, LMDE 201403, xbmc, kodi Change user data folder location of xbmc
java, log4j log4j configuration
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Applications
ant Unable to locate tools.jar
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Install Java's JDK
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Disable screen lock/screensavers
java, eclipse, code coverage EclEmma: Java Code Coverage for Eclipse
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Auto login
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Install package offline
java ConcurrentModificationException: Not allow to add an entry in the collection while iterating through it
java Executing external application from Java
sap, transaction Transaction codes
sap, mm Material XX not maintained in plant XX
java Install FindBugs
sap, mm Material XX not maintained by accounting department
sap, mm Material XX not maintained by Purchasing