Tag(s) Title File(s)
DebianDog Make your mount entry permanent in DebianDog
Chinese Draw with mouse the Chinese character
oil Cheaper gas sends inflation rate to 14-month low
DebianDog Make DebianDog Persistent
oil, OPEC OPEC monthly releases forecast report of oil demand
oil, rig Rigs count report release every Friday
DebianDog Create a custom DebianDog ISO
DebianDog Chinese characters support in Iceweasel/Firefox and in the console terminal
oil, contango Contango: buying crude oil at current prices, paying for storage for a fixed period of time and selling it at a higher price later
DebianDog Firefox proxy settings is located at /opt/bin/Firefox/profile/prefs.js
language Usage statistic of phrases
scite Edit file so that it is unix compatible using scite
Debian Change keyboard layout to US International
oil Crude oil seasonal chart
Debian, debian-live 486 vs 686 pae(Physical Address Extension)
Debian, wmaker, wheezy Install Window Maker in Debian
Debian, preseed, wheezy Preseed to install gnome
sleep Sleep duration recommendations
oil, IEA International Energy Agency releases Medium Term Oil Market report
oil, IEA U.S. will remain the world's top source of oil supply growth until 2020
oil, canada In Canada, oil output is expected to average 4.35 million barrels a day in 2015
Debian Packages in Debian base system
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 EGit in Luna doesn't show filenames in commit dialog
eclipse, egit Change EGit repository URL
Debian, preseed "d-i preseed/late_command" is only allowed once
linux Copy hidden files/directories
Debian debconf-get-selections is not found
Debian, virtualbox, console Debian console size in VirtualBox
virtualbox Direct booting from an USB device is not possible with VirtualBox
deb-multimedia GPG error: NO_PUBKEY 5C808C2B65558117
UNetbootin UNetbootin doesn't recognize my 16GB USB flash drive
format, usb Clean your USB stick
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Remove broken repository
linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Remaster linuxmint's ISO
linux, ln Unlink symbolic link
pdf, qpdf Remove readonly restriction from PDF
oil 2013-02-01: Historically, WTI traded at a premium to Brent because it is easier to refine
oil, gasoline It takes 2 barrels of crude oil to make 1 barrel of gasoline
color Color meaning
vegetable, asian, name Asian vegetable in English Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Latin PDF icon Asian Vegetables.pdf
vegetable, asian, cooking A Guide to Asian Vegetables & Recipes PDF icon AsianVegetableGuide.pdf
fast We don’t enter the fasted state until 12 hours after our last meal
fast 1945: Intermittent fasting extended life in mice PDF icon J. Nutr.-1946-Carlson-363-75.pdf
fast Coffee with milk/cream while fast?
fast The effects of intermittent fasting on human and animal health – a systematic review - by Bojan Kostevski 2012-01
oil, PMI China's HSBC Flash Manufacturing Purchasing Manager's Index higher than 50, then oil up
stock market, finance World stock markets Image icon WorldStockMarkets.PNG
oil, canada Canada feels comfortable with oil at 60$
oil, bond ECB buying government bonds, a move which could push the dollar to new highs and put downward pressure on commodities
oil, interest rate, currency Interest rate cut will make the currency goes down