Tag(s) Title File(s)
Debian Debian repository structure and files explained
Debian Run script on startup, halt, reboot
debian-live Full persistence
debian-live Can't build 64bit live system from a 32bit system
debian-live lb config doesn't run auto/config
lua Date & Time
debian-live Debian Live system passwords
debian-live Debian live system manual
linux Find device name of cdrom
pillow Correct Way to Sleep on a Memory Foam Pillow
mpv, encoding Extract audio from video file
eclipse Eclipse workspace moved
linux, hard drive, mount Install new hard drive
tmsu, linux tmsu: Basic tutorial
tree Frost depth in Ottawa = 1.8 meter PDF icon Frost_Penetration_Depths_OPSD3090.101 Rev#1 Nov2010.pdf
bash, date Get 2 months ago date string from command line
drupal Simplify: Hide text/field from the user interface
oil, cushing Cushing storage capacity = 70.1 million barrels
oil, cushing Weekly Cushing, OK Ending Stocks excluding SPR of Crude Oil
tree Fruit trees suitable on balcony in Montreal
3D Create 3D models from pictures
zfs ZFS-8000-5E: Destroy and re-create the pool from a backup source
camera DIY Camera Track Slider
mpv Diplay text on console
oil Crude Oil Futures Calendar
oil, rig, US 1366 US oil rigs, lowest since October 2013
lua, class Lua: Sample class implementation
oil, rig Current Active Drilling Rig List
oil 2015: EIA placed full capacity at 521 million barrels
eclipse Compare With->Each Other is grayed out
linux, network card Display network card/adapter available
virtualbox, linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Cinnamon crashed, running in Fallback Mode
mpv, lua MPV scripting: Print hello world
DebianDog Disable "eth0 is down" and "Requesting IP address eth0" popups
logger, SLF4J Find whether logger declaration is correct or not
flywaydb How to use Flywaydb programmatically: Use FlywayCallback
flywaydb Error when upgrading Flywaydb version 3.0 to 3.2.1: not implemented by SQLite JDBC driver
logback Pass variable/parameter to logback.xml
linux, terminal, console Close current terminal and open a new terminal
java, testng Test an exception with Testng
ant, classpath, manifest Display classpath string of jar files
xfce, xfce4-terminal, exo-open Opening terminal with preset size and location
java, logging, SLF4J Simplest way to output "Hello world" using SLF4J
java, testng Unit test standard output, System.out.println
java, common io List all files and ignore symbolic links
java "Too many levels of symbolic links" mean you have symbolic loop
java, io Read byte stream
english Double consonant for past tense
english Former versus latter
linux Reload system-wide environment variables