Tag(s) Title File(s)
oil, rig Current Active Drilling Rig List
oil 2015: EIA placed full capacity at 521 million barrels
eclipse Compare With->Each Other is grayed out
linux, network card Display network card/adapter available
virtualbox, linuxmint, LMDE 201403 Cinnamon crashed, running in Fallback Mode
mpv, lua MPV scripting: Print hello world
DebianDog Disable "eth0 is down" and "Requesting IP address eth0" popups
logger, SLF4J Find whether logger declaration is correct or not
flywaydb How to use Flywaydb programmatically: Use FlywayCallback
flywaydb Error when upgrading Flywaydb version 3.0 to 3.2.1: not implemented by SQLite JDBC driver
logback Pass variable/parameter to logback.xml
linux, terminal, console Close current terminal and open a new terminal
java, testng Test an exception with Testng
ant, classpath, manifest Display classpath string of jar files
xfce, xfce4-terminal, exo-open Opening terminal with preset size and location
java, logging, SLF4J Simplest way to output "Hello world" using SLF4J
java, testng Unit test standard output, System.out.println
java, common io List all files and ignore symbolic links
java "Too many levels of symbolic links" mean you have symbolic loop
java, io Read byte stream
english Double consonant for past tense
english Former versus latter
linux Reload system-wide environment variables
DebianDog atkbd serio0: Spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0. Some program might be trying to access hardware directly.
cpu What type of CPU? i386/i686
linux, mount, iso Proper way to mount ISO
oil U.S. crude oil storage capacity utilization
oil Genscape: Data and Intelligence for Global Commodity and Energy Markets
oil Cushing Oklahoma is the delivery and storage point of WTI
zfs Create zfs partition
english Pronounce 1 sentence per day
Debian, java Install JAVA 7
DebianDog Make your mount entry permanent in DebianDog
Chinese Draw with mouse the Chinese character
oil Cheaper gas sends inflation rate to 14-month low
DebianDog Make DebianDog Persistent
oil, OPEC OPEC monthly releases forecast report of oil demand
oil, rig Rigs count report release every Friday
DebianDog Create a custom DebianDog ISO
DebianDog Chinese characters support in Iceweasel/Firefox and in the console terminal
oil, contango Contango: buying crude oil at current prices, paying for storage for a fixed period of time and selling it at a higher price later
DebianDog Firefox proxy settings is located at /opt/bin/Firefox/profile/prefs.js
language Usage statistic of phrases
scite Edit file so that it is unix compatible using scite
Debian Change keyboard layout to US International
oil Crude oil seasonal chart
Debian, debian-live 486 vs 686 pae(Physical Address Extension)
Debian, wmaker, wheezy Install Window Maker in Debian
Debian, preseed, wheezy Preseed to install gnome
sleep Sleep duration recommendations