Tag(s) Title File(s)
bash, chroot /dev/fd/62: No such file or directory
oil International Energy Agency report a max capacity of 3.5 billion barrels
bash Shell redirection
tar Tar usage
eclipse Out of heap memory
oil CFTC publishes commitments of traders every week
utorrent Optimize bandwidth utilization
oil ETF decay
oil whose-petroleum-supply-data-should-you-trust
oil Oil history price char
mac Home and End key equivalent in Mac
mac Add color to ls
mac Customize command prompt
linux, bashrc Proper way to load ~/.bashrc
oil Oil contracts
oil TransCanada Corp can output 800,000 barrels per day
mime Find mime file type
oil Cost of oil production
bash Get available size / free space
tar Remove leading directory path on extraction
oil Venezuela sits on the world's largest oil reserve
uml Draw UML from plain text script
rar Create password protected rar files
bash, error handling Error handling examples in bash
msyql Display SQL table size in MB
light bulb Different light bulbs spectrum
oil Alaska Arctic: 29 billion barrels of oil and gas
php Last day of the month
linux, ln, symlink Symbolic link
dokuwiki Allow upload of different file extensions
virtualbox VBoxManage.exe: error: Cannot register the hard disk
linux, macchanger Change MAC address
systemd Create a simple service for systemd
screencast, tutorial Show keyboard key pressed
oil Oil price for balance budget per country
tr, sed Remove duplicates spaces
health Non-allergic rhinitis
dokuwiki, pdf Export page to pdf
Debian, clock Machines without working RTC hardware
wmctrl wmctrl commands
tree Evergreen: Black cedar
funny, math Russell took a nearly a decade to prove 1+1=2 using nearly 400 pages
drupal Troubleshoot Drupal by stripping it down to safe mode
bash Elapsed time / Runtime
sed Match and replace on the last line only
mysql Auto set the password so you don't have to enter it
Debian, proxy Add a shorter localhost name behind a proxy
icon SVG icons
libreoffice Convert ODT to MS Word
libreoffice, footer Footer/Header: Left and right align information