Tag(s) Title File(s)
java, resultset Headache with ResultSet closed exception
software Useful softwares
usb, operating systems Use USB stick to install operating systems
software TestDisk: Data recovery
eclipse, System Properties Pass System Properties to your application through eclipse
java Difference between getPath(), getAbsolutePath(), and getCanonicalPath() in Java
pc-bsd, zfs, mirror Create ZFS mirror disk
unix, shell What shell am I using?
drupal 7, views Create a view that filter according to taxonomy term
unix, mv Merging folder with mv
virtualbox, 64-bit guest No option to create 64-bit guest
dokuwiki, table, list Add table in list
dokuwiki, odt Installation issue with plugin:odt
drupal 7 Remove "Read more" link
android Can't call
cellphone, rogers Get voicemail number, date and time, press 5
android Block accidental calls
drupal 7, link node Warning: ignoring param 'title' for book as it is not valid. Possible values are ''.
tomcat 7, port Run tomcat webserver on different port
openkm 6.3, tutorial Kick start with OpenKM
openkm 6.3 Install and setup OpenKM
drupal 7, url Long URL get truncated by 3 dots
oil, inventory US largest oil-storage hub is at Cushing, Oklahoma
drupal 7, theme template.php is not executed
drupal 7, views Group by date with Views in Drupal 7
mysql, sql Find table name
ant Copy without hidden files(e.g. htaccess)
java io.File class uses less memory than io.InputStream
drupal 7, views Views with taxonomy term count
dos Delete the oldest file using DIR /OD and EXIT
drupal 7 Show field information before "Read more" link
drupal 7, theme Get the path of the current active theme folder