Tag(s) Title File(s)
dot Ticket workflow
drupal Using with JavaScript and jQuery in Drupal
drupal Refresh CSS & JS aggregates
javascript Javascript debug
xslt XSLT
xslt Change letters to upper or lower cases
xslt Raise to power
xslt Removing leading zeros
xslt Add / Change element name
xslt Copy XML file without comments
xslt Indent content of XML file
xslt Loops
xslt Remove Element Without Child Nodes
xslt Remove Namespace
xslt Remove attributes or / and nodes
xslt How to handle apostrophe and quote in XSLT
xslt Using XPath's text() function
xslt xmllint
xslt xsltproc
hibernate Hibernate
hibernate Data type int, double, float are not nullable
hibernate SQL IN() operator
hibernate org.hibernate.Query.setInteger VS org.hibernate.Query.setParameter(..., ..., Hibernate.INTEGER)
sql MS Access
sql Find rows with duplicate values
sql Comparing tables using LEFT and RIGHT JOINS
sql Find the highest value among a set
sql MS SQL
sql Oracle
abap ABAP
abap Calculate the runtime
abap Concatenate integers with strings
abap Data type declaration
abap Date Time manipulations
abap String manipulations
outlook MS Outlook 2010
finance Finance
gas Gas
oil Oil
sed Sed cheat sheet
grep Grep cheat sheet
eclipse, egit, git egit rejected non-fast-forward
rocket mass heater Burning Wood – Insulation Material Choices PDF icon Burning Wood - Insulation Material Choices.pdf
testng What TestNG?
testng Ant build using TestNG-XSLT
testng Ant build file for TestNG
testng Testing private methods
testng Run specific groups of tests
testng Execution order of TestNG's annotations
testng First TestNG test