Tag(s) Title File(s)
rocket mass heater rocket mass heater measurement
salt Himalayan salt
chicken Chicken feed
flywaydb Basic code to use Flywaydb programmatically
earthship Different earthship models
earthship Window area = 30% of your floor space
toothbrush Natural toothbrush: chewing stick / twig
cooking 14 inches wok is the standard
cured meat penicillium nalgiovense
chrome Flash enable/disable
egit Merge conflicting pull request
git Delete, stage, commit files
git Find, add and commit
diy woodgas stove
gardening Free Spreadsheet List of Dynamic Accumulators and Nutrient content File Dynamic_Accumulators_and_Nutrient_Contents.xlsx
xmessage Dialog using xmessage
bash Time commands execution
chmod chmod calculator
apache apache won't follow symlinks | 403 permission denied
sed, grep Delete matching line
sed Replace pattern with file content
wget Download a single web page
marijuana Canada list of recalls
marijuana Emerging AgroSphere ETF
marijuana US & CA marijuana stocks
marijuana Aphria adds another 700K square feet of cultivation capacity by spring 2019
marijuana, Aphria Aphria adds another 200,000 square feet of cultivation capacity by spring 2018
marijuana Expected legalization of marijuana across Canada: 2019
bash When script is sourced, how to return or exit code
virtualbox Configuring port forwarding with NAT
uml, plantuml Class
eclipse, tools Eclipse useful tools/plug-ins
printf Examples of printf usage
gardening Seasonality Chart: Fruit and Nuts PDF icon fruit_seasonality_chart_0.pdf
gardening Water tree
gardening Continuous Harvest (Zone 5) PDF icon Global Inventory of Perennial Plants.pdf
firefox Firefox extension samples code
house Online data: US Home Prices 1890-Present, U.S. Stock Markets 1871-Present and CAPE Ratio Office spreadsheet icon U.S. Stock Markets 1871-Present and CAPE Ratio_ie_data.xls
Office spreadsheet icon US Home Prices 1890-Present_Fig3-1.xls
chrome Chrome browser plugins
marijuana Canadian marijuana companies
eclipse, egit Eclipse: Resolve DIRTY_WORKTREE
eclipse, egit, git egit rejected non-fast-forward
gitlab GitLab: Master [remote rejected]: You are not allowed to push code to protected branches
tv TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science Package icon TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science.zip
finance Stock Halt time / Resumption Time (ET)
gardening Companion Gardening Map
gardening How big a backyard do you need to live off the land
gardening Vegetable square foot guideline
gardening Companion plants PDF icon Poster_GDN_Companion_Plant.pdf
fermentation pH table of different foods PDF icon fdaapproximatephoffoodslacf-phs.pdf