Selenium is a tool that employs Javascript in order to take control over your browsers and simulate web surfing activities. Therefore, Selenium is able to replicate any action typically undertaken by a user, such as clicking, typing and retrieving data from web pages.

When combining Selenium with other testing frameworks such as JUnit or TestNG, you are getting a very powerful and complete testing framework for web applications.



  • Apache is installed.
  • PHP is installed.
  • MySQL is installed.

To check if you have all the requirements, do the following steps:

  1. Paste <?php phpinfo(); ?> into a text editor and save as info.php
  2. Copy info.php into the root directory of the webserver(eg. htdocs folder)
  3. Open with an web browser You should see PHP Version X.X.X and MySQL Support. Otherwise, some requirements are not installed.


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