Mandarin confit


Make a cross on the madarin Blanchir mandarin for 1 minute.

Sim for 3 hrs with 200ml of syrup and 600ml of water.



  • Zest of 9 citrus
  • 250g of sugar

  • Add zest and sugar in pot for 48 hrs.

  • Retrieve liquid from the pot.
  • Add 250ml of vodka And liquid in a pot for 48hrs.

Oil trading rules


  • Know the fundamentals, demand and supply.
  • Play the trend.
  • Weigh the risk and reward of each trade. Your common sense should always rule. Get rich quickly is delusional.


  • Don't be greedy, be safe then sorry. Set your stop lost or book your profit.
  • Technical analysis can't predict the future. It only FITS the pattern at that moment in time. Opposite conclusion can be reached with different time scales.
  • Hype will cloud your common sense. Book your profit.



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