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Permanently add the Task Manager to your system tray: The first option is that you can go into the System32 directory and make a shortcut of the file taskmgr.exe. Then, cut and paste this shortcut into the Startup folder (Go to Start | Programs | Startup. Right-click on Startup and click Open. Then paste the taskmgr.exe shortcut in there.). Next, right-click on the taskmgr.exe icon in the Startup folder and click Properties. Under the Run option, select Minimized.


Self-Verifying Page Objects:



Allow anyone to access your calendar:

Recognize sample music:

Statistics module



DEV: Create custom event in rule

Chinese keyboard: 郑码输入法, the other one is 五笔打字

Multi-Step Form:

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The Programmer's File and Data Resource: Specification of file format

Learning algorithm for click through stats.:

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