tmsu: Basic tutorial


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FUSE and Sqlite3


  1. Download TMSU from
  2. Uncompress the zip file. (e.g. tar -xzf tmsu-i686-0.4.3.tgz)
  3. cp bin/tmsu /usr/bin

Tag files

# Tag all MP3 files as 'music' and 'mp3'
tmsu tag --tags "music mp3" *.mp3
# Tag all MP3 files as year=1997
tmsu tag --tags "year=1997" *.mp3

List files

# List all files tagged as 'music'
tmsu files music
# List all files where year is greater than 1990.
tmsu files "year>1990"

Merge tags

# Merge Mp3, MP3 and mP3 to mp3
tmsu merge Mp3 MP3 mP3 mp3

Which files from current directory are not tagged yet?

# Status definitions:
#   T - Tagged
#   M - Modified
#   ! - Missing
#   U - Untagged
tmsu status .