Built-in Properties


Property Description
basedirthe absolute path of the project's basedir (as set with the basedir attribute of ).
ant.filethe absolute path of the buildfile.
ant.versionthe version of Ant
ant.project.namethe name of the project that is currently executing; it is set in the name attribute of .
ant.java.versionthe JVM version Ant detected; currently it can hold the values "1.2", "1.3", "1.4" and "1.5".
ant.homehome directory of Ant
java.versionJRE version
java.vendorJRE vendor
java.vendor.urlJava vendor URL
java.homeJava installation directory
java.vm.specification.versionJVM specification version
java.vm.specification.vendor JVM specification vendor
java.vm.specification.name JVM specification name
java.vm.versionJVM implementation version
java.vm.vendorJVM implementation vendor
java.vm.nameJVM implementation name
java.specification.versionJRE specification version
java.specification.vendorJRE specification vendor
java.specification.nameJRE specification name
java.class.versionJava class format version number
java.class.pathJava class path
java.ext.dirsPath of extension directory or directories
os.nameOperating system name
os.archOperating system architecture
os.versionOperating system version
file.separatorFile separator ("/" on UNIX)
path.separatorPath separator (":" on UNIX)
line.separatorLine separator ("\n" on UNIX)
user.nameUser's account name
user.homeUser's home directory
user.dirUser's current working directory