Post images

Now that you know how to post. It would be nice that you will be able to post images in your posts. What you have to do is to allow <img> tag in your posts and activate Upload module so that you can update the images.

Configure Input formats to allow <img> in your post

  1. Go to Administer » Site configuration » Input formats.
  2. Click on the Configure link of Filtered HTML.
  3. Click on Configure tab.
  4. In Allowed HTML tags field, add <img>.
  5. Click on the Save Configuration button.

Activate Upload module to upload files

  1. Go to Administer » Site building » Modules.
  2. Check the Upload module.
  3. Click on the Save Configuration button.

Try to post images

  1. When you are creating a post, you will see that there is new section called File attachments located near the bottom. Click on it to expand.
  2. Browse to the image in your computer.
  3. Click on the Attach button to upload the image.
  4. Copy the link underneath your image's filename(e.g. http://localhost/drupal-6.16/sites/default/files/monkey_face.png). That is the link that you should paste in your post's Body.
  5. In the Body textarea, add the <img> tag as follows:
    <img src="http://localhost/drupal-6.16/sites/default/files/monkey_face.png" />
  6. Click on the Save button.
  7. Here are the results:
Image icon post_image_01.png20.63 KB