CCK(Content Construction Kit): Add custom fields

Allow you to add additional fields.
  • CCK + Date + jquery_ui: Date field + datepicker
  • CCK + Content Taxonomy: Autocomplete field
  • CCK + Conditional Fields: If option selected then display another input field. (e.g. If "Include Teaser" is checked, then show "Teaser" field.).
  • CCK + editablefields+Ajax Load: Turn CCK field into editable field on node display view.
  • CCK + CCK Private Fields: Allows users to set the CCK field as Public, Hidden and Private.
  • CCK + CCK Vcard: vCard fields
  • CCK + Dependent Fields: If value X is selected from field 1, then show in field 2 available values.(e.g. Country -> Provinces)
Automatic Nodetitles
Hide node title in the form by automatically setting value using defined patterns.
Arrange Fields
This module lets you drag-and-drop the fields of any CCK content type, Webform, or almost any other form in Drupal into the positions you would like for editing.
  • Views + jCarousel: Carousel image slide show
Allow input fields to be prepopulate through the URL (e.g.[title]=this is the title).
Spreadsheet in a node, amazing!!

SEO(Search Engine Optimization): Make your page rank higher in search engine

Automatically generate URL aliases for your content.(e.g. Change to
Path redirect
In case the URL aliases change, it will redirect the older alias to the new one.(e.g. Redirect to
Global Redirect
Ensure only 1 URL represents a content page.

Access Permission

Very granular access permission to node. You can set access permission to content type by role. You can also go further. Set access permission to a specific node per role or per users.
Menu per Role
Allow you to set access permission to menu items per role. When using this module with Nodeaccess, it is the perfect combination to define pretty much how your contents are being accessed.


Search using a pool of synonyms.(e.g. 'blogs', 'blogger', 'blogging', 'blog' are considered equivalent when searching)
Search Lucene API
Bring Solr-like search functionality to Drupal: Highlight the matches, faceted searching, etc. There are extensions that add more functionalities(e.g. Google-like "did you mean")
Custom Search

Caching: Make your site faster

Pre-generate your content as static html page so that it loads faster. Suitable for websites where their contents don't change frequently.


Block spambots to post by issuing a challenge question.

Similar to Dependent Fields