Mistakenly put drupal/ in sites/all/modules

When updating drupal and other modules at the same time, I sometimes mistakenly put drupal-6.x folder in sites/all/modules folder. Later on, I discovered my mistake and naturally, my first reflex would be to delete the drupal-6.x folder. Consequently, my website crashed and I couldn't log in. However, if I put back the drupal-6.x folder, then it is working fine.

Here is how I did to resolve my issue:

  1. Ran the following queries to remove all references to the drupal-6.x folder. Depending on the version of your drupal, change drupal-6.16 in the queries accordingly.
    SELECT file FROM menu_router WHERE file LIKE '%drupal-6.16%';
    SELECT filename FROM system WHERE filename LIKE '%drupal-6.16%';
    UPDATE menu_router SET file=REPLACE(file, 'sites/all/modules/drupal-6.16/', '') WHERE file LIKE '%drupal-6.16%';
    UPDATE system SET filename=REPLACE(filename, 'sites/all/modules/drupal-6.16/', '') WHERE filename LIKE '%drupal-6.16%';
  2. Delete drupal-6.x folder from sites/all/modules folder.
  3. Log back in to the website and go to Administer->Modules. Note: You will see a lot of errors messages. It is normal. It complains about the missing paths that point to the drupal-6.x folder.
  4. Click on Save Configuration button so that drupal rebuilds all the paths itself.