Burning CD/DVD

Here are practical command lines for burning CD/DVD.

  • Create ISO from CD/DVD.
    dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/your/new/iso/image.iso
  • Create ISO from local files.
    mkisofs -Jrv -V "32 chars volume name" -o image.iso /path/to/your/files/
    # -J uses Joliet naming records, for Windows compatibility
    # -r uses Rock Ridge naming conventions for UNIX/Linux compatibility, and makes all files publicly readable
    # -v sets verbose mode, for a running commentary as the image is created
    # -V provides a volume ID up to 32 characters; this is the disk name that shows up in Windows Explorer
    # -o names the new .iso image file (image.iso)
  • Create audio CDs.
    cdrecord -v speed=8 -pad -audio -dao /your/audio/files/*.wav
    # Note: Your *.wav files should be uncompressed and 16-bit stereo.